Poolside sits within theentrance area of the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre. The cafe is anabstract take on a swimming pool. Both the room and the furniture have beendipped in blue to a uniform tideline, giving the immersive feeling of aswimming pool. This slice of whimsy is met with a calm and minimal palletbecoming a space where parents and kids can ‘ideally’ (with a smirk) both feel comfortablewithin. Architecture can alienate people with complex ideas and reasoning (Ican be guilty of that in my own practice!). However, it is my hope that peoplecan understand and intuitively connect with this concept immediately.The following provides abit of a window into the strange world where my ideas and projects develop and givesa run-down of the inner workings and thoughts behind the design moves. I hopethis is of interest. The story is broken into tables, chairs and art.

Project Info
Completion: 2022
Photos: Elizabeth Martindale
Builder: Gerard Dombroski