The story of the 'snake couch'. The initial plan was to wind blankets through a steel frame and make them look like snakes. I told my mum about the idea in passing and she began to hoard every second-hand blanket in Tauranga. The idea developed to pool noodles after one of the students in my tutor group offered to sell me fifty or so that she had leftover from a sculpture exhibition.

The design started with two steel wireframes to provide the structure for the couch. There was vast expanses of slender steel round bar bent, wound and welded into two oversized lounge chairs. The wireframes were neat and delicate and made egg-shaped scooping gestures. They would have been exciting frames left like this.
Then came the noodles; ducking, weaving and twisting through my neatly constructed frame until it had almost disappeared completely and all that was left were four-pointed feet poking through the cloud of noodles above. I tried to install the noodles as quickly as possible to avoid overthinking their placement in the hope that the composition would come out looking natural.

The finished pieces - two nests of noodles - look like colourful Medusa heads which I am chuffed about - the snake couch really did come to life!!!
Project Info
Completion: 2021
Photos: Nicholas Shackleton
Builder: Gerard Dombroski